R&D : Introduction of Research Institute

New Renewable Energy & Signal Interface Technical Leading Company!

MIRAE E&I is a reliable company and we grow up with customers based rich experiences and state-of-the-art technology.

Our technology research institute closely cooerates with companies at home and abroad to establish global research network. The institute also try out best for the purpost of developing and rapidly supplying high quality products at the lowest price.

We also continue to invest in developing new technologyies and fostering technical talent; we take the lead in improving quality and reducing cost by studying, reviewing, and actively appying new technologies and new construction method through the benchmarking activities for new renewable energy and signal interface technology and its manufacturing method.

We promise to try our best all the time in order to rapidly provide with optimal solutions for customers in a progressive, positive attitude.
Thank you.

Global Network

New technology

Technical talent cultivation

Various benchmarking