“We do not miss even 1% possibility.”

We hope “our technology will be the world standard".

Solar and wind energy-powered water circulation system makes it possible to improve water quality and prevent algae in an effort to keep water in lake or reservoir clean for long-term.
In that sense, our system designed to run on solar and wind energy has 150W BLDC motor rotate 75 to 150rpm per minute. So, more than 12m2 amount of water from high and low levels at different temperatures per minute can be circulated to prevent the occurrence of algae.

Involuntarily pumping up deep ground water with pneumatic pressure in place drives oxygen-containing water down so that oxygen level in the deep ground water gets higher and it helps further trigger self-cleansing action in water. As a result, it helps narrow down a space for algae to live and prevent heavy metal and inorganic salt from forming.