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Batter-Free Water Circulation System (HJ-1000)

  • There is no need for a separate power supply because the system is powered by solar and wind energies. Therefore, it can be translated into saving energy and making it possible to keep it in full operations anytime.
  • Previous models cannot be functional as the battery-backed preliminary power becomes depleted if the weather conditions are not in good shape or at night when no sunlight is available. However, HJ-1000 can continue to circulate water to keep the quality at the best possible level as it is designed to be powered by wind energy no matter how long the weather is cloudy or even at night.
  • The six-bladed wing, a part of HJ-1000, is powerful enough to circulate water even with a less strong wind as the acceleration device (four to eight times) is designed to operate two units of the impeller (one unit for ground water and the other one for oxygen supply).
  • Even in windless conditions, HJ-1000 runs at 75rpm by using generated power from three 300w solar generation modules and then delivering to BLDC motor. In case of wind velocity at 80rpm, power generated from solar panels is charged to batteries (four units with 250A each). The motor generation is automatically shut down at the time.

Power source Wind power: J, C CUP 6-bladed (10rpm ~)
Solar power generation module: 300W x 3 units (900W) 3-axis static directions, able to generate power anytime regardless of a direction
DC 12V, 250AH x four batteries
Materials STS 304: for inland waters
STS 316: for sea waters
Buoyant apparatus four buoyant apparatus (more than 2.5t in weight)
Motor 150w BLDC motor (150rpm)
Acceleration device four to eight times (Impeller rotates four to eight times per one rotation of wing
Impeller One unit for ground water and the other one for oxygen supply.

Portable controller

  • HJ-1000 can be controlled in remote as it is built with RF technique. Therefore, you can either start and stop the system in remote or check each status in it, like rpm, battery, operation and operation times and etc. Simply, you don’t have to bother to sail towards off-shore where the system is located.
MOTOR RPM = 75.0 rpm
BATTERY = 27.5 V
LOAD VOLT = 27.5 V