Environmental : Regularly-Powered Water Circulation System

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Regularly-Powered Water Circulation System (SY-500)

  • Enable to realize high efficiency with less cost as designed to use 220V power and then convert to DC 24V.
    - Compared with previous models, more production costs can be saved with better performance in preventing algae.
  • SY-500 never stops even when it is extremely cold out there.
    - Low-level water with relatively high temperature can be pulled up to the surface thanks to the power backed by two impellers. So, the water can be circulated smoothly, preventing the surface from being frozen.
  • It is fairly easy to control to the extent that you can even precisely adjust the movements of the impeller.
    - With the indicator sitting in the control box, it is easy for anyone to check or control voltage, current and impeller.

    SY-500 Specifications

    Power source Commercially-supplied power 220V (converted to DC 24V)
    Materials STS 304
    Buoyant apparatus Four buoyant apparatus (more than 500kg in weight)
    Motor 150w BLDC motor (150rpm)
    Impeller One unit for ground water and the other one for oxygen supply

  • The more SY-500 in number, The stronger
    - Even if it is a vast water surface to cover, it is possible to prevent eutrophication in water and help the self-cleansing mechanism of the water by boosting water circulation and injecting more oxygen by operating multiple number of SY-500.