Environmental : Algae disposal barge

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The newly-developed algae disposal barge by Mirae E & I, unlike the existing ways requiring manpower, coagulant, microorganism, chemical powder or red clay, is designed to pull up algae above the water surface or nearby it with water and then filter it in a container.

  • Powered by the solar energy
    - The solar power generated from the solar panels is separately stored into four batteries (250W each) and then it is used as to power outboard motor and filtering the algae-ridden water.
  • A large-scaled screw conveyor used to bring in algae granules.
    - Enable to draw up algae granules as the water is brought up,
      unlike using manpower or belt conveyor system.
  • Enable to eliminate algae all together on three-phases basis
    - Step 1: filtering daily wastes in the filtering container
    - Step 2: separate water from algae
    - Step 3: eliminate tiny algae granules