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Non-power water circulation system

The water circulation system of MIRAE E&I Co., Ltd. constantly keeps water of seriously polluted rivers, lakes and reservoirs clean.
The water circulation system utilizing solar energy and wind power energy in environment-friendly manner causes circulation of stagnant water
in lakes to improve water quality, and reduce and prevent algal bloom.

Water Circulation System | Hybrid-type Water Circulation System HJ-1000

Water Circulation System
Water Circulation System
  • Water Circulation System
    Operable round the clock by making use of solar energy and wind power energy

    HJ-1000 is capable of operation round the clock without power by making use of solar energy and wind power energy. When solar energy only used, the system would not operate on cloud day and in the night. In such a case, wind power energy is used for keeping the system operable round the clock even in foul weather.

  • Water Circulation System
    Easily operating the system, and checking operation conditions by making use of portable controller

    RF-mode controller is mounted to allow remotely stopping the systems by the rotor, and checking current operation conditions (e.g., rotation speed, battery condition, operation status and accumulated operation hours). Thus, it is not necessary to approach the water circulation systems for checking with bare eyes.